Friday, November 16, 2012


Concerning the origins of pataphysics

There is still the Collège de 'Pataphysique (the apostrophe is preferably dropped in non-french languages). Now, over a decade après l'Occultation, they are even more secretive than ever. As for Ubu-quity, the official college describes the all-pervasive character of pataphysics:
Nous trouvons la Pataphysique dans les Sciences Exactes ou Inexactes (ce qu’on n'ose avouer), dans les Beaux-Arts et les Laids, dans les Activités et Inactivités Littéraires de toutes sortes.
In short, pataphysics is found everywhere. The approximate sciences and the foul arts deserve some closer attention. Both of them appear to have some connection with so-called practice based research in art. And what about literary passivity? If everyone wants to become a famous author (with phynances galore), then who is going to read all their books?

Pardon the ambiguation, but this blog is not about pataphysics, although that is clearly impossible. My previous attempt in that direction had to be abandoned.

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